Graça - Lisboa

These albums have been on repeat lately:

A nice use of data that brings some nostalgia and perspective over this year: my spotify year in Music. I’ve been increasingly using Spotify over the past years (mainly because I’m offering the family edition) even though I’m still trying to diversify the sources. I’ll write about my weekly music routine in a specific post.

We’ve been to Nazaré, Portugal, and it’s a special place. I found the atmosphere of this video quite representative.

Présages podcasts (french content) from Alexia Soyeux proposes thoughtful conversions with journalists, activists, (great) politicians… about our impact on nature, climate change, capitalism, […] and some possible alternatives. It’s a very inspiring ressource.

I did get a sense of what is Extinction Rebellion and the specifities of this movement thanks this “obsessions” from LesJours.

Current reading (French): Tu seras un homme _féministe_ mon fils - Aurélia Blanc