Sintra Castle Red Sky

I started this blog with jekyll and minima theme that I twisted a bit. It’s been fun, I’ll continue to make some small design changes along the way.

Matthew Halsall released a new album that I purchased on bandcamp, it’s splendid:

This Radiohead documentary brought me a lot of context I didn’t have about the group, and, what a group…

3 weeks ago we started portuguese classes. I’ll do a post on the approach we took to learn this new language. It feels good to learn a whole new universe!

I took a paid subscription to the french online journal ‘Les Jours’. It’s independant, add free and high quality journalism. (And they have great music recommendations –> Four tet and Nihls Frahm)

Nights are not always quiet recently, I’m happy to have this new internet tool to reflect upon.